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måndag 24 april 2017

First Survivors from The Walking Dead

First set of Surviviors. As they are supposed to, well, Survive and hopefully even evolve over the course of a multi-game campaign I will spend some more time and effort on them, i e highlights and such. A few of the Survivors come with Zombie versions of themselves.
First out are Shane and Patrick.

Extra points to anyone who can figure out the make of the ball-cap Shane is wearing.

fredag 21 april 2017

More zombies

A small post to show off the latest of the Walking Dead zombies. You can't really tell but the old guy on the right is wearing slippers. Lovely figures that will certainly reward a proper paint-job but since I have dozens of zombies to do, block-amd-wash will have to do.

fredag 31 mars 2017

New year, new start, old project

Four months into 2017 before the first post here. Shameful. But I have not been completely idle. I have painted some stuff for the French Indo-China project.

First up, more of the Red Star (now FNG) French Paratroopers. Fantastic sculpts by Paul Hicks

 Second, an M5 tank by Rubicon Models. Easy to build, great fit, what's not to like?
(and yes that is a Bad Squiddo Gun Peeg in the background)

Rubicon M8, also a great model both to build and paint.

 I was given an M20 by a fellow blogger last year, that is still being buillt, as well as a Buffalo amphibious vehicle so there is indeed more to come.

onsdag 28 december 2016

Last batch of the year

For various real-life reasons I was not able to complete my 2017 project of painting the entire Imperial Assault box, the e-web engineers and two heroes are missing but the finished figures had to be reported to Rob for the Painting Challenge before the end of the year.

I also have a bunch of zombies from the Mantic KS The Walking Dead primed and ready, but only four finished. Many more to come, these are lovely minis!

Speaking of lovely minis I got a whole bunch of Studio  Miniatures zombies from my good friend Jocke for my birthday, they will have a place high on the painting list for 2018.

måndag 28 november 2016

Winter is coming...and going

I finally have something to show again. It's been a long time. I have not been completely idle, there is some more stuff to come before the end of the year, but there has been a distinct lack of painted updates here. That ends now.

First , winter may be coming outside, but on the club table it is leaving. Next time we enter into the City, my warband will be joined by a new Construct, the Book Golem from Black Cat Bases.

The second thing I have today is an LMG team for French Indo-China. These are the old Red Star Miniatures, now owned by FNG Miniatures. In Europe, you can find them via Empress Miniatures.

That is it for now.
More to come.

måndag 14 november 2016

Suggestions for Santa

I am taking part in the wonderful Secret Santa project organised by Ian of The Blog With No Name again this year. For this, you are supposed to find a gift for someone based on the stuff on their blog, thereby assuring that the gift is of use to the recipient.

As I have been very bad at keeping my blog updated lately, I'll just throw out a bunch of ideas for Santa to browse.

Zombies in 28mm:
I love zombies of all sorts and in all periods. Zombicide, Studio Miniatures, Mantic, Eureka, Wargames Factory, Hasslefree.

French Indo-China war in 28mm:
My passion above even zombies is the 1946-54 French Indo-China war. FNG Miniatures (via Empress in Europe) have dedicated figures for it. Warlord and Rubicon have suitable vehicles (most was US Surplus). Sarissa have buildings. Barrage Miniatures have boats.

ACW in 28mm...and 6mm.
Perry, Dixon and many more do 28mm figures. Baccus and Rapier do 6mm.
Leven, Total Battle Miniatures and Timecast do buildings.

WW2  Desert War 28mm
Perry and Offensive Miniatures have both minis and vehicles.

Just a few ideas. I have not given up on any project that is featured on this blog, some have just been dormant for a while and can be revived...

tisdag 16 augusti 2016

More Battle Systems pictures

Can you tell I'm excited?
I picked the buildings up from the club last night, hoping to use them in a game at home this weekend. I just did a quick setup last night and added some furniture.

This stuff looks good! Time to paint a bunch of zombies!